Guitar Chords Chart

Guitar Chords Chart

Picture Guitar Chords Chart

The Guitar Chords Chart has links to guitar tab and videos to help you learn.


Guitar Chords Chart Guitar Chords Chart
E e
F f
G g
A a
C c
D d

Basic Chords

Bar Chords

Thanks for coming by Guitar Chords Chart. We are building this chart and are trying to give you all the tools you need to learn how to play guitar. When you learn enough guitar chords and you start playing guitar well, it might be time to look into learning some guitar scales. You can go to our sister site: Guitar Scales Chart

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3 Responses to Guitar Chords Chart

  1. Little Tom says:

    I think it is better to have the guitar chords charts broken up into diiferent charts than 1 big chart. Its good to pick and choose your guitar chords.

  2. Axe Grinder says:

    Keep building the guitar chords chart and at some point you have to make it downloadable and printable. Having a nice big chart of guitar chords would to have.

  3. I Love Guitar Chords says:

    I see you are building your guitar chords chart. I would be a good idea to add video on how to play each guitar chord properly. I would also suggest to all the visitors of guitar chords chart to learn on an acoustic first them playing the electric guitar will be much easier. Thanks GuitarChordsChart, keep up the good work.

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